Contacting Rt Hon David Evennett MP

If you are a constituent would like to contact David, you can use the form below. Typically, MPs can assist with matters that relate to national public bodies, organisations and the Government. You can also contact David about matters of policy and other issues. If you are writing on somebody else’s behalf, please include their full name, address and any relevant references. Please note that MPs can only take up cases on behalf of those who live in their constituency. We will need your present, permanent address to verify this. For a housing case, we will might need your last permanent address and the date you were last resident there, in addition to any temporary address.

To send attachments, please email, ensuring you include your full name, address and contact telephone number.

If you would prefer to write in, please send correspondence to Rt Hon David Evennett MP, House of Commons, Westminster, SW1A 0AA.

The Parliamentary Office telephone number, for constituents use only, is 020 7219 8403.

Please note that David’s Parliamentary office does not deal with any matters relating to his role in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and all correspondence should therefore be sent to Ministerial correspondence sent to his Parliamentary email will not be replied to or forwarded on.

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