Evennett backs Constituencies Bill

PHOTO-2020-06-03-14-16-06 (© Parliamentary Recording Unit)
© Parliamentary Recording Unit

Yesterday (2 June), Rt Hon Sir David Evennett, MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford, was back in Parliament to participate in the debate on the Parliamentary Constituencies Bill.

The Bill would see the last Parliamentary Boundary Review based on reducing the number of MPs to 600 scrapped, with a new review on the basis of a House of Commons with 650 seats.

The new legislation would also see future boundary reviews taking place on a cycle of eight years, moving public hearings from the initial consultation period to the secondary consultation period, takes new Council Wards into account and will use figures from an updated electoral roll.

Sir David used his speech to express his strong support for the measures. He highlighted the different towns in his constituency and the need to maintain communities in the new review, which was something the 2018 Review failed to do in Bexley. Sir David concluded with:

This is a good Bill, and we need to get on with it. It is a Bill that improves democracy. Change is often difficult for all of us, but it is important that this Bill goes through, that we get down to some business and that we implement our manifesto commitment. I give this Bill my wholehearted support and look forward to its passage through the House.