Leadership and Loyalty theme at Tory dinner


Leadership and loyalty were the theme of the speech given by Rt Hon Sir David Evennett, MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford and Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party, to the Bexley Dining Club in Sidcup yesterday evening (2 September).

Over 50 Conservative members of the Dining Club enjoyed a two-course dinner at Sophie’s Choice restaurant at the political, social and fundraising event organised by Party activist Linda Evans and her committee.

Sir David spoke about serving in the Party under Margaret Thatcher and how there are always political tides of history, and cited 1979, 1997 and today in 2019. He highlighted her successes and the leadership she gave to save our country during the 1980s.

He then spoke about our new PM Boris Johnson and his dynamism and determination, not just to deliver Brexit but also to implement the policies that the country needed and the people wanted, such as on police and crime, education, the NHS, and tax and the economy.

Sir David commented: “Boris has real leadership qualities like Maggie, and he understands the needs for a Conservative One Nation Government dealing with the challenges of today. However, loyalty is vital from MPs and all Conservatives and has always been one of our strongest features. I deplore the disloyalty of some of our colleagues and urge them to put the interests of our nation first and back this broad-based Conservative Government. I believe Boris will succeed and our country will have a great future outside the EU”.