Evennett welcomes new Odyssey Trust for Education

IMG_8652.jpgFrom 1 September 2018, Townley Grammar School and Erith School will form a new Multi Academy Trust (MAT) called the Odyssey Trust for Education. As part of the merger, Erith School will be renamed to King Henry School, which is in reference to both King Henry V and King Henry VIII.

The MAT derives its name from the classical poem by Homer, referenced in the Tennyson poem “Ulysses” which describes the journey home of Odysseus after the Trojan war. He and his crew overcame many difficulties and challenges and the motto of the proposed MAT is taken from the poem “one equal temper of heroic hearts”.

Local MP, Rt Hon Sir David Evennett, who is a Patron of Townley Grammar School, has expressed his support for the merger and commended: “I warmly welcome the new Multi Academy Trust. I have personally been a strong supporter of both Townley Grammar and Erith School for many years, and believe they have a great future together. This innovative collaboration will enhance opportunities and education provision locally.”