Evennett responds to Labour scaremongering on Education

David Evennett, Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Bexleyheath and Crayford, has responded to news stories of Labour scaremongering on education. Mr Evennett commented:

“The Conservative Government has a proud record on education with 1.8million more pupils being educated in good or outstanding schools since 2010. We have also protected the schools budget in real terms since 2010, and school funding is now at its highest level on record at more than £40billion in 2016-17. School funding is also set to rise, as pupil numbers continue to rise, to £42billion in 2019-20.”

“Labour would take us backwards with more debt, higher taxes and economic chaos, meaning there would be less money to spend on our public services, such as schools, not more.”

“The choice on June 8th is abundantly clear. The choice is between Theresa May providing strong and stable leadership for our country, or a coalition of chaos and instability led by Jeremy Corbyn.”