Evennett condemns Blairspeak

profile-picAddressing the Barnehurst Ward Conservative Annual General Meeting on Friday evening (17 February), Rt Hon David Evennett MP condemned the speech on Brexit by the former Labour Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Mr Evennett said “Blairspeak from ‘yesterdays man’ showed all the hallmarks of the arrogance of the Blair years. He always thinks he knows best, and yet in office his record was poor and he was one of the worst Prime Ministers in living memory. Blair is out of touch and out of line with the views of the British people in 2017.”

“Conservatives trust the people and we should all be backing our Prime Minister, Theresa May, in her endeavours to obtain the best version of Brexit for Britain and not be fighting against the will of the people. The British people voted to leave the EU and it is the job of politicians to deliver.”

At the well-attended meeting chaired by Conservative Association Chairman Simon Windle there were reports presented on the work and finances of the branch during 2016. Ward Councillors Eileen Pallen, David Hurt and Howard Marriner also reported on their work during the past year.

Officers elected for 2017 :
Chairman Dave Jeffries; Deputy Chairman Barry Chapman; Treasurer Ruth Smith; Secretary Janet Power