Evennett welcomes action on HMOs

Rt Hon David Evennett MPRt Hon David Evennett, MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford, has welcomed the news that Bexley Council are actively looking at ways to manage the rise of HMOs across the Borough.

National legislation outlines the minimum criteria Local Authorities must follow for licensable HMOs. However, discretionary powers can be introduced for non-licensable HMOs through an Article 4 Directive. Bexley Council are now considering applying for this, and their comprehensive response to be published next month will include:

• A selective licensing scheme for all private rented properties for parts of the north of the borough;
• Securing powers to licence small two-storey HMOs throughout the borough;
• The future adoption an Article 4 Directive, which would remove planning permitted development rights for smaller HMOs.

Mr Evennett commented: “I am delighted Bexley Council are currently looking at ways to tackle this problem.”

“There is considerable local concern that the number of HMOs across the Borough is increasing and reaching a point where it is affecting the stock and availability of family accommodation.”

“I have recently been working with local residents and have made a number of representations on this matter to Bexley Council and the Housing and Planning Minister, Brandon Lewis MP.”

“The Government did run a consultation on extending mandatory licensing of HMOs, and is assessing the responses. However, the proposals Bexley Council have outlined today will assist in maintaining a good mix of residential accommodation.”