Evennett backs English Votes for English Laws

David Evennett, MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford, has endorsed new proposals that could stop Scottish MPs from voting on and amending legislation that only affects England and Wales.


A Command Paper has been published by the Government today (16 December) that outlines what steps have been taken so far on devolution and decentralisation, and options for the future, which will include English Votes for English Laws. The proposals will be subject to a vote in Parliament in the New Year. The suggestions are:

– Reforming the consideration of Bills at all their stages
– Reforming the amendment stages of Bills
– Reforming the Committee stage

Mr Evennett said “The Prime Minister’s leadership on this issue means that we can at last start to answer the West Lothian Question. It is not right that MPs representing Scottish constituencies can vote on legislation that only affects England and Wales. The principle of English Votes for English Laws is one that I strongly believe in and I look forward to its implementation by a Conservative Government.”