Evennett opposes the closure of Crayford’s only bank branch

Outside the Barclays Branch in Crayford
Outside the Barclays Branch in Crayford
Bexleyheath and Crayford MP David Evennett has written to the Chief Executive of Barclay bank following their decision to close their branch in Crayford.

Mr Evennett was advised in an email this morning (31 October) that the branch will close on Friday 13 February.

In his letter to Group Chief Executive Antony Jenkins, Mr Evennett said “Barclays is the only bank branch in Crayford’s High Street. Its departure goes against the current trend of growth in Crayford itself and the wider area. There are hundreds of new properties being sold in the area, new shops are opening and businesses are thriving.”

He added “This is a bad decision, and one that will affect Barclays’ reputation with local people. I hope that the company will consider its social responsibilities and keep open the only branch of any bank in Crayford.”