Local History Fair Held in Crayford

Crayford Community Centre was the venue for a Local History Fair held on Sunday 28th September, where historical groups and societies from across the Borough had stalls highlighting their activities.

David Evennett MP and his wife Marilyn were among the visitors who spent some time speaking to history groups, looking at photographs and artefacts, and enjoying the opportunity to learn more about the history of the local area.

“I find local history absolutely fascinating and particularly the story of Crayford through the ages. We are really fortunate in Bexley Borough to have so many local societies that study the history of our area, and bring the people and events from our past to the attention of today’s residents. We also have so many interesting and historic buildings which we need to value and preserve” Mr. Evennett commented.


Pictured at the History Fair with David Evennett MP are Jean Stewart of the Friends of St. Paulinus Church, Dennis and Dyanne Jarrett from Crayford Town Archives, and Janet Hearn-Gillham of Crayford Manor House Historical Society.