Reshuffle Comment

The Government reshuffle this week is really good news and will I believe help us in our endeavours to win the next General Election and get a majority Conservative government in May 2015.

It is excellent that Nicky Morgan has been appointed Secretary of State for Education (she is a huge talent) and that Philip Hammond (a Eurosceptic and effective Minister) is now Foreign Secretary. The appointment too of Michael Fallon to be Defence Secretary and Liz Truss to be Secretary of State at DEFRA will bring strong and effective leadership in these Departments. I think also that the appointment of Priti Patel to work with the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Treasury is a very good move.

Personally I am delighted to have been promoted within the Whips Office to be the Pairing Whip alongside my duties as Lord Commissioner to HM Treasury. I shall enjoy working closely again with Michael Gove our new Chief Whip.