Commonwealth Parliamentarians Visit Bexleyheath

David Evennett, MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford, welcomed a delegation of Commonwealth Parliamentarians to Bexleyheath on Friday morning.

Every year, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association hosts a seminar on practice and procedure, and on the final day of their visit, they meet with MPs in their constituencies to learn about their roles and engagement with the community.

The morning started with a chat in the constituency office at 17 Church Road, Bexleyheath, where Mr Evennett spoke about his constituency and Ministerial roles. Afterwards, they walked to the Marriott in Bexleyheath, during which Mr Evennett told them about the history of the constituency.

They then met with Ian Payne, the Bexleyheath Business Improvement District’s Manager, to discuss business issues and working with local companies. The final stop on their visit was a guided tour of Hall Place, organised by Bexley Heritage Trust.

Hall Place CPA

The guests were:

Hon Thomas George MP, Deputy Speaker of the New South Wales Parliament in Australia
Hon Moses Cheboi, MP from Kenya
Hon Jasson Rweikiza, MP for Tanzania
Mrs Jacqueline Phillip Stoute, Clerk from Trinidad and Tobago
Rafael Gonzalez-Montero, Clerk from New Zealand
Kirsty Jackson, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Organiser