Help for the High Street and hard-working people

David Evennett, MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford, today welcomed George Osborne Chancellor of the Exchequers Autumn Statement.

The Chancellor announced plans to help the High Street and hard-working people and reaffirmed his commitment to continue with policies to restore prosperity to Britain:

– The state pension will rise by £2.95 a week in April,
– Fuel duty frozen again, so motorists will be £680 better off than under Labour’s fuel duty escalator
– Average rail fares will only rise by inflation in January,
– Overall welfare spending, excluding pensions, will be capped
– In order to help create jobs for young people, employers will not have to pay national insurance contributions for anyone under the age of 21

In addition our High Streets and businesses need additional help and he stated

– Businesses in rateable properties of less than £50,000 will receive a £1000 discount in their rates
– Businesses re-occupying empty shops will receive a discount on their business rates
– Small business rate relief has been extended until 2015
– The planned rise in business rates will be cut to 2%

David Evennett 2013

David Evennett MP said “The Government have made real progress in fixing the mess that Labour left behind. We will continue to take the difficult decisions required to cut the deficit, create jobs and help our economy grow. I therefore welcome the measures George Osborne announced today.

“Some 5,000 businesses in Bexley Borough will benefit as a result of the action we are taking to help the High Street. By freezing fuel duty again, petrol will be 20p a litre cheaper than it would have been under Labour. Pensioners are benefiting from the Conservatives’ commitment to provide real increases in the state pensions and there is further action to help young people to find jobs.

“All of these measures demonstrate that only the Conservatives are on the side of hard-working people and small businesses.”