Evennett gives cautious welcome to suggested Royal Mail compromise

David Evennett, MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford, has given a cautious welcome to the proposals from Royal Mail of a compromise on the issue of Crayford’s designation as a postal town. Mr Evennett, together with local Councillors, has campaigned to allow Crayford to recognised as a distinct town and not just be classed as Dartford.

David Geraldene Melvin and Eileen in Crayford Fri 9 Aug 2013 pic 2 (2)

The suggestion is that Crayford addresses within the local authority area of London Borough of Bexley would appear on addresses as a locality, so that addresses would read “Crayford, Dartford”.

Mr Evennett said “I am pleased that some progress has been made on this issue and I understand that Royal Mail has contacted Bexley Council about this. I believe that Crayford, as an historic and flourishing town within the London Borough of Bexley, should be recognised as such.”

Pictured: David Evennett MP, Cllr Geraldene Lucia-Hennis, Cllr Melvin Seymour and Cllr Eileen Pallen.