Evennett welcomes new immigration crackdown

Main-PictureDavid Evennett, MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford, has welcomed measures contained in this year’s Queen Speech that will help those who work hard, tackle abuse of our immigration system and support businesses. He was present earlier today when Her Majesty delivered Her Gracious Address in the House of Lords (8 May).

Mr Evennett has particularly welcomed a new Bill that will target immigration, illegal labour and the many abuses of the system that currently take place. These measures will include:

– Stopping illegal immigrants from obtaining driving licences
– Forcing landlords to check the immigration status of their tenants
– Bigger fines for businesses employing illegal foreign labour
– Restricting access to the NHS so that visitors have to contribute
– Making it easier to deport foreign criminals.

Commenting on the plans, Mr Evennett said “This shows that the Government is listening to those continuing concerns about immigration. Labour’s uncontrolled immigration policies put real pressure on our NHS, schools and housing. This new immigration Bill, together with our restrictions on visas, will help to tackle the problems caused by illegal immigration.”

He also endorsed the Offender Rehabilitation Bill, which endeavours to tackle persistent reoffending by increasing the amount of supervision that offenders will receive after their release from prison and more effective community sentencing, where appropriate. He said “It is vital that we all possible steps are taken to reduce re-offending. We need to ensure that our Justice system is effective at punishing crimes, supporting victims and rehabilitating offenders.”

Other Bills announced in the Queen’s Speech will deal with pensions, social care, deregulation for business and consumer rights.

Mr Evennett also said “The Government has already made good progress by capping our benefits system, creating jobs, cutting immigration, reducing Labour’s budget deficit and cutting tax for 24million people. This Queen’s Speech builds on those achievements.”