Taking the lead

David Evennett MP joined Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, today to call for action on tackling irresponsible dog ownership yesterday (15 May).

At a House of Commons reception, Dogs Trust unveiled a photographic display depicting the work it carries out within communities to help reduce the problems associated with irresponsible dog ownership alongside its policy document, ‘Taking The Lead, Tackling Irresponsible Dogs Ownership’.

MPs spoke with Dogs Trust staff about the work carried out to encourage owners to train, neuter and microchip their dogs.

Mr Evennett said “Most dog owners are responsible, but I am concerned about an increasing minority who are not. I have had many complaints about aggressive dogs running free, the failure of people to control their pet and owners not picking up mess from pavements and parks.

“I hope that this campaign will encourage those who behave irresponsibly – the onus is on them to change their behaviour and train or control their dogs”.