Evennett welcomes benefit cap progress

The Government’s Welfare Reform Bill has now completed its progress through both Houses of Parliament – meaning that soon, families will no longer receive more than £26,000 in benefits.

Commenting on the news, Mr Evennett said “The benefit cap is an important reform which will ensure that the welfare system is fair to those who need support and to the taxpayers who fund it. Those who can work should work, and the measures contained in the Welfare Reform Bill will ensure that people are better off in employment”.

The cap of £26,000 is the equivalent of a household earning £35,000 before tax. Households will not just receive a full amount of £26,000 following the implementation of the Act. Payments will be assessed and based on individual circumstances.

However there are exemptions in place to protect vulnerable people. Those who receive DLA, Attendance Allowance, PIP, or Constant Attendance Allowance will be exempt from the cap, as will war widows and widowers.

Click here to read Mr Evennett’s speech on the Bill.