Boris Johnson proposes council tax cut

David Evennett, MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford, has welcomed the announcement by Conservative London Mayor Boris Johnson that he intends to cut his share of the council tax.

Thanks to three years of strict management to bring London’s finances under control and eradicate the waste that was rife under his predecessor Ken Livingstone, the precept would be cut by 1% from April.

By cracking down on waste, Boris Johnson has saved around £2 billion across the whole GLA Group through a range of measures. In 2009, he froze the salary of senior TfL bosses and slashed their bonus pot by £1 million.

He has also scrapped Ken Livingstone’s propaganda sheet The Londoner which cost £2.8 million a year and published City Hall expenditure over £500, ensuring that Londoners know where their money is spent.

By contrast, during Ken Livingstone’s eight years as mayor, council tax rose by 153 per cent, costing the average Bexley household £964 – money which was then spent wastefully.

Commenting, David Evennett MP said:

“Boris Johnson’s council tax cut is good news for my constituents and shows that our Conservative Mayor is doing what he can to help hard-working families and pensioners with the cost of living. I am glad that the vast council tax rises and wasteful spending, as we experienced under Ken Livingstone, are now a thing of the past”.

In 2008, An Independent Report on Ken Livingstone’s London Development Agency concluded that ‘money has been misspent on a massive scale, say tens of millions’. Meanwhile, Ken Livingstone spent £50,000 on his own foreign travel during his time in office.