Evennett welcomes tougher penalties for metal theft

David Evennett, MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford, has backed proposals by the Home Secretary that would see penalties for metal theft increased and cash payments for scrap metal banned.

In a statement to Parliament on 26 January, Rt Hon Theresa May MP said the Government would:

• create a new criminal offence to prohibit cash payments when purchasing scrap metal
• introduce unlimited penalties on those who break the law.

In November last year the Government announced that a dedicated metal theft taskforce would be established.

These changes are part of a wider plan to tackle all stages in the illegal trading of stolen scrap metal and further measures to crack down on rogue dealers will soon be outlined.

Mr Evennett said:

“I have been appalled by the theft of metal from war memorials, national heritage sites, churches and businesses. Many organisations have suffered as a result of this disgraceful behaviour.

“I am therefore pleased that the Government is taking action to increase penalties and tackle the problem of cash transactions”.