Evennett urges action on the Dartford Crossing

David Evennett, MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford, called for an effective solution to alleviate the congestion problems caused by the Dartford Crossing toll booths during an adjournment debate in Westminster Hall at the House of Commons yesterday (23 November). The debate had been obtained by Dartford MP, Gareth Johnson.

Mr Evennett raised constituents’ concerns about congestion, and called for Ministers to pursue “a more radical solution, such as the removing of toll booths;” as well as a more effective use of free-flow technology like the development of the DART-Tag scheme.

Mike Penning MP, The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, agreed, saying “The toll booths are what is really holding up the traffic. The delays are actually being caused by people trying to find change, not realising that they have to pay, or losing their DART-Tag. If we remove the toll booths altogether so that people can drive across the bridge or through the bores, that delay will be removed.”

Mr Evennett also raised the issue of the significant disadvantage Bexley residents have, saying “residents are much closer to the tunnel than many others, but they do not have a discount scheme” He urged the Minister that Bexley residents “be included in his thoughts.”