A positive and constructive Budget in very difficult times

David Evennett, MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford, was able to give his first full speech of the new Parliament during a House of Commons debate on the emergency Budget yesterday (23 June).

He said that it was “A positive and constructive Budget in very difficult times. It was positive in its aims and objectives, based on fairness and reasonableness, and in its twin approach of dealing with the debt problems and planning for the future.” He attacked Labour for their “13 wasted years” in government, and spoke about the Budget’s measures for businesses, pensioners and skills training.

On business and enterprise, he cited examples from two local businesses who felt that support from the previous Government during the recession was inadequate. Mr Evennett said “The reduction in corporation tax will mean they have more money of their own to invest in their business, and either to take on new staff or extend the working of current staff. The Budget will bring benefit to small businesses in particular. They will welcome the lowest ever rate of corporation tax, which will fall from 28% to 24% during this Parliament. The tax rate reduction for small companies from 21% to 20% will also be welcomed, and the extension of the enterprise guarantee scheme will provide a real boost for small businesses struggling to get credit.”

Speaking up for pensioners, he said “I am sure that pensioners in my constituency and across the country will be pleased by the triple lock, whereby the basic state pension will rise by whichever is the higher out of earnings, prices measured by consumer price inflation or 2.5%. That is good news. One would not believe on listening to the Opposition that there was any good news at all in the Budget, but there is. We will never have pensioners getting a meagre increase of 75p on the basic pension, as happened one year under Labour. That was an insult and the pensioners knew it. We will not allow that to be repeated.”

Finally, on skills, he said “I believe that training and skills were one of the Labour Government’s greatest failings. Our society needs a well-trained work force who can adapt and take on board challenges, such as those facing small businesses, to make sure that they can get employment and worthwhile involvement in order to make something of their lives. One of Labour’s biggest failings during the recession was not properly investing in skills so that people who lost their jobs could reskill, upskill, retrain or find new jobs.”

You can read the full text of Mr Evennett’s speech here: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201011/cmhansrd/cm100623/debtext/100623-0015.htm#10062344001086